Why Am I Sore After a Workout?

Muscles aching in the days post-workout is often no laughing matter – even the simplest of tasks can be extremely painful and sometimes near impossible! But do we have any control over this, or is it simply a byproduct of working out? This week’s blog is going to address the “Dreaded DOMS” and highlight some […]

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How to Increase Motivation

“I’m just not motivated to…”, or “I just don’t have the motivation to…” may be two of the most common phrases I hear as a fitness professional. When I hear either of these statements roll off the tongue of a client (or potential client), I’m actually quite glad. I’m glad as I know that the […]

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How to Set Goals

Not having goals, or having poorly set goals is a surefire way of never achieving them! Having a vision of where you want to be is crucial –  how could you possibly know what work you need to do, if you don’t know where you want to be?! You may find yourself lacking in motivation […]

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